Friday, October 12, 2012

First blog for the third time.

"When baking, follow directions.  When cooking, go by your own taste.  ~Laiko Bahrs"

As no one but my sister and I know, this is my third time reinventing my blog; I tried to write fictional stories but after a while I couldn't think of any more interesting things that could happen to my main character. I tried sharing fun stories from my life, then I joined coporate America and now I am just a boring person who wants to stay home when I'm not at work. I figured since the only thing I am guaranteed to do is cook because I love it so much, why not just blog about the different things I cook/ eat. Basically this is just an open invitation into my kichen, its my personal food blog which will mostly consist of food that I make and occasionally exceptional restaurant food that I might be recreating. There will be healthier food substitutes, pictures and recipes so check back often for food, desserts and appetizers from different parts of the world.

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  1. I will be looking forward to reading your posts and your various ideas about food selections. All the best.