Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yet another diet.

“Food has replaced sex in my life; now, I can't even get into my own pants.”

This is not entirely true; I can still fit into some of my pants lol. I am on yet another diet because I stepped on the scale and yet another 3 pounds have settled on my body, added to the 5 pounds before that, plus the 6 I was ok with before the 5. It was ok when it was just 6 pounds though, I mean It didn't show and I’m like hey a girl can gain 6 healthy pounds, then the additional 5 pounds some months later but hey I was just coming out of winter so it was acceptable. The total of 14 pounds within the year and half is not acceptable so I am on yet another diet. Boohoo

I've come to realize that when it comes to diet and exercise, my problem is boredom. I get bored easily with the same routine which is why I couldn't stay in my birkham yoga class for more than a month. Also with food, I need at least a hot meal everyday which is why I dread the yogurt days and different types of cold salads. Add to the fact that I am not a big fan of spinach and my tongue starts to itch after 3 forks of salad that has lettuce, I knew I needed something!!

So my new diet system has 3 parts, my calorie tracker, my workout and my diet.
For tracking what I eat, I have my fitness pal which is an apple app that lets you track what you eat. It even has Nigerian food and a recipe builder where you can just add the ingredients you used to cook whatever your favorite dish is and it tells you how many calories each cup or serving is. The key to building your recipe is measurement so just have your basic tbsp., cups and tsp. measurements and you’ll be fine. It's pretty easy to use which is why it works for me. You don’t know how many cookies I have eyed with anger once I found out that 2 pieces were worth 300 calories.

Secondly, my workout, I have this weekly exercise routine that I found on pinterest. Its different routines every day of the week. There are several ones I do but I try to do a full body work out then focus on my abs after that. Plus I randomly add a session of insanity to the mix up and some walking. PS. I never do the whole insanity, after 5 mins I am gasping for my breath so I do as much until I can take no more. It's getting cold and I know for sure I will not be interested in that walk to the gym so I'd rather just exercise in my house in my sports bra and shorts and be comfortable. Also I have my dog cheering me on with her bark only cos she thinks I'm running mad moving my legs and hands in ways she doesn't understand. I also have a number of apps that I have used example the Nike running, a few ab work out ones since that is my fatty area so play around with it.

Thirdly, with the food, I have recently found ways to cook veggies that don’t require eating them cold straight out of the fridge so I'll be sharing some fav recipes. Plus for snacking since I sit at a desk for 9 hours 5 times a week, I try to eat fruits, granola bars and low fat crackers. Even sometimes I eat only half of my lunch so that in between 1pm and 6pm before I leave for work I can eat the second portion. It all depends on what works for you and what you like.

It's like the older I've gotten, the tougher it is for me to lose weight, it almost seems like my body and my fat are really good friends now because mandating the fat to leave with my diet and exercise is punishing my body to an extent. I hope this can become a routine within a routine for me since I'll constantly be switching things up. I just want to lose these pounds and look good honestly. I'll try to post every other day what I've had and know that I am not an expert on this, I am just a girl or should I say woman who needs to lose weight and doing it on my own terms.
By the way, I just burned a few calories from thinking, typing and proof reading this post. J

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